Training ‘Intersectionality and I’: PhD training manual intersectionality-based research in public health

Goodarzi, B. (Participant), Maartje Ridder (Participant), Muntinga, M. (Participant), Akwiwu, E. (Participant), Duijs, S. (Participant), Gerritse, K. (Participant), Kröger, C. (Participant), Marieke Torensma (Participant), Verdonk, P. (Participant), Renee Bolijn (Participant), Mulder, L. (Participant)

Activity: Other


Project: collaborative, participatory implementation project aiming to develop a PhD-training program about integrate intersectionality-based sex and gender analysis (ISGA) in doctoral education and public health research
Submitted by: Maartje Ridder, Maaike Muntinga, Eddymurphy Akwiwu, Renee Bolijn, Saskia Duijs, Karl Gerritse, Bahareh Goodarzi, Charlotte Kröger, Lianne Mulder, Marieke Torensma, Petra Verdonk.