Combined Evidence for a Long-Term, Clinical Slowing Effect of Multinutrient Intervention in Prodromal Alzheimer’s Disease: Post-Hoc Analysis of 3-Year Data from the LipiDiDiet Trial

LipiDiDiet clinical study group

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The LipiDiDiet randomized clinical trial is evaluating the long term effects of a multinutrient intervention (Fortasyn Connect) compared with control in participants with prodromal AD. In this post-hoc analysis we used the Alzheimer’s Disease Composite Score (ADCOMS) as a measure of cognition and global function, together with a global statistical test (GST) and Bayesian hierarchical modelling (BHM) to evaluate the totality of evidence for an effect of the intervention over 36 months. The analysis includes 67 participants (39 active, 28 control) with change from baseline data after 36 months intervention. All outcome measures showed a statistically significant effect for the intervention: ADCOMS (P =0.045), GST (P <0.001), and BHM (P =0.008 based on 3 outcomes and P <0.001 including all primary and secondary quantitative clinical outcomes). Fortasyn Connect was associated with significantly less clinical decline over 36 months, suggesting the long-lasting beneficial effects of the multinutrient in prodromal AD.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease
Early online date2023
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 2023

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