Crystal meth – een nieuwkomer

Translated title of the contribution: Crystal meth - a new kid on the block

Dorien M. Salet, Jiri Moekotte, Aman K. Singh, Mahi Dzelili, A. J. Jos Kooter

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleProfessional


In this article we describe epidemiological, pharmacological and clinical aspects of abuse of metamphetamines, also known as crystal meth. These aspects are illustrated by two cases of methamphetamine abuse and the complications associated with it. Metamphetamine abuse is often associated with sexual activity, a combination known as 'chemsex'. A chronic addiction to chemsex can have devastating effects on the user's social, psychological, and physical wellbeing. We describe a patient suffering from recurrent relapses in his addiction to chemsex. Acute crystal meth intoxications can result in very serious complications. We describe a patient suffering from severe neurological complications and rhabdomyolysis.
Translated title of the contributionCrystal meth - a new kid on the block
Original languageDutch
JournalNederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde
Publication statusPublished - 8 Jul 2021

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