Genetic Evidence Implicates the Immune System and Cholesterol Metabolism in the Aetiology of Alzheimer's Disease

L. Jones, P.A. Holmans, M.L. Hamshere, D. Harold, V. Moskvina, D. Ivanov, A. Pocklington, R. Abraham, P. Hollingworth, R. Sims, A. Gerrish, J.S. Pahwa, N. Jones, A. Stretton, A.R. Morgan, S. Lovestone, J Powell, P. Proitsi, M.K. Lupton, C. BrayneD.C. Rubinsztein, M. Gill, B. Lawlor, A. Lynch, K. Morgan, K.S. Brown, P.A. Passmore, D. Craig, B. McGuinness, S. Todd, C. Holmes, D. Mann, A.D. Smith, S. Love, P.G. Kehoe, S. Mead, N.C. Fox, M. Rossor, J. Collinge, W. Maier, F. Jessen, B. Schurmann, H. van den Bussche, I. Heuser, O. Peters, J. Kornhuber, J. Wiltfang, M. Dichgans, L. Frolich, H. Hampel, M. Hull, D. Rujescu, A.M. Goate, J.S.K. Kauwe, C. Cruchaga, P. Nowotny, J.C. Morris, K. Mayo, G. Livingston, N.J. Bass, H. Gurling, A. McQuillin, R. Gwilliam, P. Deloukas, A. Al-Chalabi, C.E. Shaw, A.B. Singleton, R. Guerreiro, T.W. Muhleisen, M.M. Nothen, S. Moebus, K.H. Jockel, N. Klopp, H.E. Wichmann, E. Ruther, M.M. Carrasquillo, V.S. Pankratz, S.G. Younkin, J. Hardy, M.C. O'Donovan, M.J. Owen, J. Williams

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Original languageUndefined/Unknown
Pages (from-to)1-11
Number of pages11
JournalPLoS ONE
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 2010

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