Minimally invasive 'step-up approach' versus maximal necrosectomy in patients with acute necrotising pancreatitis (PANTER trial): design and rationale of a randomised controlled multicenter trial [ISRCTN38327949]

Marc Besselink, Marja Boermeester, Thomas Bollen, Erik Buskens, Esther Consten, Miguel Cuesta, Cornelis de Jong, Ralph de Wit, Hein Gooszen, Dirk Gouma, Eric Hesselink, Sijbrand Hofker, Lex Houdijk, Tom Karsten

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BACKGROUND:The initial treatment of acute necrotizing pancreatitis is conservative. Intervention is indicated in patients with (suspected) infected necrotizing pancreatitis. In the Netherlands, the standard intervention is necrosectomy by laparotomy followed by continuous postoperative lavage (CPL). In recent years several minimally invasive strategies have been introduced. So far, these strategies have never been compared in a randomised controlled trial. The PANTER study (PAncreatitis, Necrosectomy versus sTEp up appRoach) was conceived to yield the evidence needed for a considered policy decision.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)6
JournalBMC Surgery
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2006

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