PReS-endorsed international childhood lupus T2T task force definition of childhood lupus low disease activity state (cLLDAS)

on behalf of the International cSLE T2T Task Force

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Objective: To achieve a consensus-based definition of Low Disease Activity (LDA) for use in cSLE trials. Methods: The International cSLE T2T Task Force, comprising of paediatric rheumatologists/nephrologists, and adult rheumatologists undertook a series of Delphi surveys/consensus meetings to discuss, refine, and vote upon cSLE LDA criteria. Results: The Task Force agreed that LDA should be based upon the adult-SLE Lupus Low Disease Activity State definition (LLDAS), with modifications to make it applicable to cSLE (cLLDAS). They agreed upon five cLLDAS criteria: (1) SLE Disease Activity Index (SLEDAI)-2 K ≤4, with no activity in major organ systems; (2) no new features of lupus disease activity compared with the last assessment; (3) Physician Global Assessment score of ≤1 (0–3 scale); (4) prednisolone dose of ≤0.15 mg/kg/day, 7.5 mg/day/maximum; while on (5) stable antimalarials, immunosuppressives, and biologics. Conclusions: A cSLE-appropriate definition of cLLDAS has been generated, maintaining alignment with the adult-SLE definition to promote life-course research.
Original languageEnglish
Article number109296
JournalClinical Immunology
Publication statusPublished - 1 May 2023
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